Embrace the Adventure: How to Get Perspective in Nepal

Embrace the Adventure: How to Get Perspective in Nepal
How to get perspective in Nepal

Recently we had a client with very unrealistic expectations about trekking in Nepal. As a result he found his experience somewhat lacking. Reflecting on this rare situation made me think about all the amazing things you’re likely to miss out on when you trek Nepal if you only focus on whether or not your expectations are being met. That’s why we wholeheartedly recommend that you forget expectations and embrace the adventure even if it pushes you well out of your comfort zone! If you remain fully open, you’ll benefit from a potentially life changing experience. In this blog we’ll explain how to get perspective in Nepal.

What do You Take for Granted?

Imagine turning on a hot tap to wash your face and feeling an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude. Sitting on a clean, flushing toilet and relaxing as opposed to squatting in the cold and flushing with a bucket of icy water! Noticing just for once, all the little things that you usually take for granted. This is one of the things I love most about spending time in Nepal. It makes me realise how truly fortunate I am and it gives me new perspective. This feeling doesn’t last long, but I treasure every moment before my ‘back to reality’ existence takes hold.

How to get perspective: what do you take for granted?

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What is Truly Important in Life?

It’s no secret that Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Yet despite the hardship, people are happy, positive and resilient. Spending time with Nepali people is truly inspiring and makes me question the complexity of my own existence in Europe. For many of us, life is a rat race. We want more, so we spend more, have to borrow more, then work more to pay our debts. One of the greatest regrets of the dying is ‘I worked too much’. It’s common knowledge that we can all benefit from a change of scene and some self-reflection.

Are you caught up in a life you’re not entirely convinced about? Or, are you going through some challenging life changes?

Perhaps you’re wondering how to get perspective? Guess what?! There’s no better place to find it than in Nepal!

From my first trek in Nepal, I realised there’s no experience quite like it for considering your life from a new perspective. It turns out that I’m not the only one thinking about how to get perspective…

How to get perspective: spend time in nature

10 Ways to Get Perspective in Nepal

In this HuffPost article, Meditation Coach ‘Sura’ opens with “Have you ever woken up wondering what the hell is going on with your life? Lots of people to do.” She goes on to talk about how gaining perspective is key and she recommends 10 ways to get life perspective. It just so happens that a trek in Nepal easily ticks all the boxes! Have a look at her recommendations and see below how trekking in Nepal can help you achieve them!

Get away

Transport yourself to the top of the world! By travelling to Nepal, you’re definitely getting away and experiencing a complete change of scene. Leave everything behind, apart from perhaps your partner or best mates! Everything you do in Nepal is likely to be a new experience in some way, and there’s nothing like breaking the cycle to get some perspective.

How to get perspective: get away.

Treat yourself

Okay, perhaps a trek doesn’t sound like a traditional treat! But we promise, unless you’re the guy we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, you’re going to love it! When you trek, there are so many experiences that will fill you with positive energy and make you smile from ear to ear! The sights, the sense of achievement, the feeling of humility, the physical exercise and the opportunity to get some real head space, to name but a few.

Look at your trajectory

There’s no better place for self-reflection than in the Himalaya. There’s a unique and powerful feeling in those majestic and awe-inspiring moutains. Experience an overwhelming sense of connection with nature that invokes deep self-reflection. Contemplate your life, your values, your vision and test whether or not you’re following your true path.

Be in good company

When you trek Nepal with us, you don’t have to worry about not getting on with strangers. All our treks are private treks and you’ll have your own Nepalorama team – whether it be one guide or a team of people to support you. We select all our guides carefully and can say hand on heart that they’re all amazing! They know how to adapt to your needs. They love to chat and exchange knowledge, but they also know when to give you some space.

Trekking Nepal is also a real opportunity to bond with your companions. So, if you’re looking to reconnect or strengthen existing relationships, trek Nepal together and create memories you’ll never forget.

Be in good company when you trek Nepal!

Spend time in nature

Nature doesn’t get bigger or grander than in the Nepal Himalaya. Hiking through some of the most dramatic scenery on the planet is undoubtedly good for the soul. Being home to eight of the ten highest mountains in the world is just a start… The diversity you’ll discover is incredible! If you want to spend time in nature, you’ll find Nepal a total immersion!

How to get perspective: look at your trajectory

Do something fun

Trekking Nepal is challenging, but you’ll find it really fun too. You’ll observe so much that’ll bring you pleasure from the moment you arrive in Nepal. The complete assault on your senses is invigorating! It’s hard to wipe the broad grin off your face. Even when the going gets tough, our guides are ‘fun experts’ and will help to keep it light!

When you reach that summit and see the breathtakingly spectacular views, the elation you feel is guaranteed to become a lasting memory.

Take a bird’s eye view

You’ll likely need to take a plane to Nepal, but you might not see much from 36,000ft! Once in Nepal, if you fly to either Pokhara or Lukla to start your trek in the Annapurna or Everest regions, enjoy amazing views of emerald green terraced fields and high snow-capped mountains from these scenic flights. When you fly to Lukla you literally fly right into the heart of the high mountains, gaining altitude to fly over a high mountain pass before landing. The views are magnificent!

If you’re not taking a domestic flight in Nepal, ask us about paragliding in Pokhara or Kathmandu and really see what it feels like to be a bird!

How to get perspective: take a bird's eye view!

Tune in

There’s something magical about waking up every morning to trek in Nepal. Feel a still calmness, a resilience you might not recognise in yourself. Your actions slow and become more intentional. Listen. Breathe. Observe how you feel in your heart and what it’s telling you.

Be healthy

The clue is in the word ‘trek’ – exercise is a given! But Nepal will help you be healthy in your head too. When you realise what you’re truly capable of, you’ll fall in love with yourself and your new-found way of life!

Spend time alone

One of my favourite things about trekking Nepal is taking some space – walking alone for a while. Even if I’m trekking with friends, sometimes I just want to be alone to reflect and hone in to all that’s happening around me. It’s easy to take some space in the Himalaya (there’s plenty of room!) and we’ll keep an eye on you from a distance to make sure you’re safe.

Spending time alone as you walk in the Himalaya

Trek Nepal with Nepalorama and get some Life Perspective!

So, there you have it! If you’re wondering how to get perspective, there’s no better way than trekking Nepal!

At Nepalorama we organise customised private treks with amazing local guides. Our mission is to design a travel plan that is perfect for you. We truly believe that you should trek Nepal on your terms. That’s why our service offering is designed specifically to help you walk your own path in Nepal.

Get in touch with us for a quote and let us help you plan a trip that could change your life and at the very least will give you some perspective!

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