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We organise private Nepal treks for couples because we love creating extraordinary and lasting memories! Last time I trekked Nepal it was incredible like always, but also really different to previous trips. Why? Because for the first time I shared the experience with my husband! Whether you trek Nepal solo, with a group (of friends or strangers), or with your

Recently we had a client with very unrealistic expectations about trekking in Nepal. As a result he found his experience somewhat lacking. Reflecting on this rare situation made me think about all the amazing things you’re likely to miss out on when you trek Nepal if you only focus on whether or not your expectations are being met. That’s why

We’re committed to being a responsible trekking company in Nepal… But what does that mean? From the start we’ve been determined to conduct business with integrity. No compromises. We evolve our understanding of what it means to be a responsible trekking company in Nepal all the time, as we learn and challenge more about how things work in the trekking

Stuck in a rut and frustrated with my life, I had to do something! On a quest for meaning and wanting to figure out what really makes me tick, it was by pure chance that I ended up trekking in Nepal. It was one of the most thought-provoking times in my life, that has since inspired our tagline. It’s not

People who’ve traveled by bus in Nepal just know. Until you’ve experienced it, you can only guess what it’s like. Bus travel in Nepal is part of the adventure and you’re guaranteed to have a story to tell after every single journey. It’s fascinating, scary, incredible and fun all at the same time! All Aboard! Every driver has a co-pilot

Elliot and his friends trekked with our Founder – Krishna in 2015. He wrote a great blog ‘The Hardest Journey’ about his experience that we want to share with you! You can read about their incredible adventure and get a taste for what it’s like trekking Nepal here. “Most of all, thanks to our superb guide Krishna Adhikari who made

Pokhara, is the second largest city in Nepal and the gateway to Annapurna. It’s also known as the ‘adventure’, or ‘tourism’ capital. This sprawling city is actually nine times larger than Kathmandu! The area of Lakeside is the tourist hub. It’s a great place to unwind, or go adventure crazy! How you feel might depend on whether or not you’ve

What to do in Kathmandu? If you’re planning a trek in Nepal and thinking you’ll spend some time in the capital, you might be wondering what to do in Kathmandu! There are so many amazing things to see and do including an impressive seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites – more than in any other city! Yes, it’s hard to know