The first interview in our series of Nepal Trekking Guide Interviews has to be with our one and only Krishna! Founder of Nepalorama Trekking and known for being ‘probably one of the best guides ever’! There’s no doubt that in our mind, Krishna is THE best trekking guide in Nepal. I first met him trekking to Ghorepani Poon Hill and

My decision to trek Nepal the first time around happened fast. I bought the ticket from a friend spur of the moment. It was a good price and Nepal sounded appealing. I was already used to traveling alone. Then it hit me. I’d just booked a trek in Nepal!!! I knew NOTHING about trekking Nepal. I had no idea what

Stuck in a rut and frustrated with my life, I had to do something! On a quest for meaning and wanting to figure out what really makes me tick, it was by pure chance that I ended up trekking in Nepal. It was one of the most thought-provoking times in my life, that has since inspired our tagline. It’s not

A huge 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal in April 2015, killing nearly 9,000 people and destroying many more homes. The village of Langtang was completely destroyed by a massive landslide. 243 people lost their lives. Trekking in the Langtang region was always next on my list – that was before the earthquake. It turned out I had to wait a while

People who’ve traveled by bus in Nepal just know. Until you’ve experienced it, you can only guess what it’s like. Bus travel in Nepal is part of the adventure and you’re guaranteed to have a story to tell after every single journey. It’s fascinating, scary, incredible and fun all at the same time! All Aboard! Every driver has a co-pilot

Holi – The Festival of Colours Those of you that know me, know I use this phrase a lot! So I’ve been waiting a while to write a blog called ‘Holi Mackerel’ to celebrate the Holi festival in Nepal! I spent Holi – the famous festival of colours – in Pokhara five years ago. It was amazing! I’d seen colourful

Krishna and I always talked about me visiting his village in Nuwakot and meeting his family. Finally that day came during my recent visit, when I was lucky enough to learn a little about village life in Nepal. I spent two nights there and was truly moved by what I discovered. A world where time almost stands still, families are

Updated 26 December 2018 If you’ve never been to Nepal, it can be a bit daunting when you arrive in Kathmandu! After a long journey it’s helpful to know exactly what to expect, so that you can be prepared! Before You Leave Home Before you leave home, (within 15 days before your arrival in Kathmandu), complete the Online Tourist Visa

Updated 24 August 2018. If you’re determined to get trekking fit this year, why not create a walking plan or find one to follow? Having a plan and committing to it always helps me to achieve my goals! It can work for you too! It’s true that anyone with a moderate level of fitness can trek in Nepal. There are

Elliot and his friends trekked with our Founder – Krishna in 2015. He wrote a great blog ‘The Hardest Journey’ about his experience that we want to share with you! You can read about their incredible adventure and get a taste for what it’s like trekking Nepal here. “Most of all, thanks to our superb guide Krishna Adhikari who made