Interview with Buddhi – Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal!

Interview with Buddhi – Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal!
Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal - Buddhi in the Everest Region

The fourth interview in our series of Nepal Trekking Guide Interviews is with our wonderful, professional trekking guide in Nepal – Buddhi! You’ll spot Buddhi’s smile before you see him and he’s every bit as genuine as his pearly whites suggest! Krishna met Buddhi in 2015 through Bibek, one of our other fabulous Nepalorama guides. They’re from the same village and both have the same kind and caring nature. You’re in excellent hands if you’re trekking Nepal with Buddhi, read on to find out why!

Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal - Buddhi
We love that smile!

How did you become a professional trekking guide in Nepal?

“After completing high school I had to look for a job in Kathmandu to pay for my lodging and food, because I’m from a poor family background. 

I grew up in a village where you have to walk up and down for an hour to get to school, to collect grass for cattle and wood from the jungle for fuel. So I was already very fit and used to mountain walking.

One of my friends took me to his brother’s trekking company. I went to Everest Base Camp for the first time in my life as a porter. For the next three years, I continued to work as a porter during the trekking season and I continued my studies in the off season until I finished my bachelor’s degree. Then I participated in the guide training for two months in 2009 which was conducted by the Nepali government to produce more guides in Nepal. I’ve been working as a professional trekking guide in Nepal since then.”

What do you like most about being a trekking guide?

Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal - Buddhi in the Everest Region
Buddhi in the Everest region

“I am the kind of person who really loves to be in nature and I have a keen interest to learn about cultures from different parts of the world. Trekking is the only profession where you get to meet people from different parts of the world. The best thing about being a guide is to have friends from many countries where you’ve never been!

It’s an honour to provide information about my own country’s rich culture, geography, people, flora and fauna. Trekking guides in Nepal are called unpaid ambassadors!”

What’s your favorite trek in Nepal and why?

Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal - Buddhi in the snow
Buddhi in the snow!

“I like all the trekking routes in Nepal and really enjoying trekking in each region. I have two favourite treks in Nepal – the Everest Three Passes trek and the Annapurna Circuit. Each has its own natural beauty.

Nepal is divided into three parts on the basis of its geography, with the lowest altitude at 60m up to the highest at 8,848m!”

“The three parts are:

  1. Terai is the southern and lowest part of Nepal with altitudes between 60-1,000m.
  2. Hilly region has altitudes between 1,000-3,000m.
  3. Mountain region has altitudes between 3,000-8,848m.

So, I really like the Annapurna Circuit trek because it covers all the geography of Nepal from hot, humid tropical and sub tropical to high Himalaya cold weather with dry and barren desert like Mustang. I also love the majestic and panoramic Annapurna mountain family.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Panorama of Gangapurna mountain, glacier and lake near Manang

The Everest Three Passes trek combines the beauty of the highest mountains and lakes in the world. Being in the lap of these mountains is such a wonderful experienced and Mother Goddess Earth Everest (the highest peak in the world) lures everyone!”

Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal - Buddhi with a client
Buddhi with his client

If you could be a professional trekking guide anywhere else in the world, where would you guide and why?

If you’ve read our other Nepalorama Trekking Guide Interviews, you’ll already know the answer to this question. Every Nepali trekking guide feels the same!

“I would like to be a professional trekking guide in Nepal because it is such a wonderful country having diversity in each and every aspect. Such as geography, people, culture, society, climate and festivals! We have more than 103 ethnic groups and 96 different languages are spoken. Each and every ethnic group have their own customs from birth to death. In Nepal we have more than 200 festivals in a year! Nepal is a very small country. From East to West it is just 885km and from North to South it is just 193km, yet with a huge elevation from 60-8,848m. The majestic Himalayan range in the north has eight of the ten highest mountains, each above 8,000m.

Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal - Buddhi sharing Nepali culture
Buddhi sharing some Nepali culture!

With beautiful mountains, lakes, glaciers, waterfalls, greenery and many trekking trails, Nepal is one of the best countries for adventure lovers!”

Which country outside Nepal would you like to visit most and why?

“I would like to visit Switzerland, as it has lots of alps like Nepal. I would like to learn about how they promote and manage tourism and I want to observe the development of infrastructure in the mountains.”

Trekking in Switzerland

What advice would you give to clients preparing to trek in Nepal?

“We have different categories of treks based on their level of difficulty. Ranging from easy and moderate to challenging. Before you decide which trek to do, you need to consider a few things. How difficult is the trek? Which months of the year are the best for that particular trek? What temperature can you expect and what’s the highest elevation? Then think about your own experience and what you feel will be suitable for you.

Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal - Buddhi with his clients
Buddhi and his happy clients!

You need to bring the right gear according to the climate. For example, if you’re planning to trek in Everest, you must bring warm gear like a down jacket, warm gloves and hat, wind breaker jacket and trousers, warm socks, thermal underwear , proper sun glasses, sun cream and a medical kit. Your kit should include treatment for diarrhoea, fever, altitude sickness, common cold, allergies and dehydration.

It’s important to make sure you’re physically fit and well to trek in Nepal. I recommend hiking, running and jogging for two to three months before you come.

Trekking trails in Nepal are mostly up and down so you need to have proper hiking shoes and at high altitude you need water resistant warm boots as the temperature can be as low as -10/-15˚C. For easy sub tropical treks, sports shoes are fine.”

How do you spend your time when it’s not trekking season? What do you do?

“I have a little tomato farm in Kathmandu which I’ve rented for five years. In the off season I work on my farm and help my family to sell tomatoes at the market.”

If you could guide any person in the world to trek Nepal, who would you like to guide and why?

“I would like to guide presenter of the program Man vs Wild – Mr. Bear Grylls. I am really inspired by his adventurous attitude and I wonder how he does all that.

If I ever meet him face to face I would like to ask him, ‘what is the reason behind having such enormous energy all the time?’ and ‘don’t you get scared of anything?’


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That’s why our founder Krishna carefully selects all our guides himself based on the qualities he knows are important. Krishna has known Buddhi since 2015 and rates him very highly as a trekking guide.

Krishna has known all our guides for many years. He’s trekked with each and every one, so he knows exactly how they operate. For us, service is everything. Both before and during your trek. It’s really important that your guide provides great service, as well as being experienced, knowledgeable and fun!

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