Make a New Year’s Resolution to Get Trekking Fit!

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Get Trekking Fit!
Get fit to trek Nepal! Trekkers climbing Gokyo-Ri

Is ‘getting fit’ on your resolution list for the New Year? Give yourself a great incentive. Get fit to trek Nepal! Home to eight of the ten highest mountains in the world – you don’t need any more reasons to visit this incredible country! Yet there are more, many more and it still costs less than most adventure holiday destinations. But to see the amazing ‘on top of the world’ views, you need to be in shape. Trekking Nepal is challenging. Yet if you do it, it will be one of your top lifetime achievements!

Trekking Nepal Will Likely Change Your Habits and Could Change Your Life!

When I first trekked in Nepal, I didn’t know what to expect. Would I be fit enough or would I hold the group back? I pushed my limits beyond what I thought possible and I loved it! I realised then what I was truly capable of physically and mentally. It wasn’t long before I went on to do many other longer and more challenging treks in Nepal. But that’s not all. I changed my lifestyle at home and started doing a lot more outdoor activity and exercise. I’ve never been happier or fitter!

Get fit to trek Nepal - it feels amazing!
Anna (Team Nepalorama) in the Everest region

So, if you want to make some positive changes in your life, getting fit to trek Nepal is a great start! When you push your physical boundaries and succeed, you’ll discover a new passion for outdoor adventure! Many people say that trekking Nepal is life changing. Is 2019 your year?

Yes, You Can Get Fit to Trek Nepal!

Visiting Nepal and trekking in the Himalaya is something many people dream of. But whilst it’s a popular ‘bucket list’ item, there’s a common perception that it’s just too hard for a lot of people. Well, have we got news for you!

You can trek Nepal! These guys did…

You can get fit to trek Nepal! Clients aged 66 at Annapurna Base Camp!
You can get fit to trek Nepal! The oldest client shown here at Annapurna Base Camp is 66 years old!

There are certainly many tough treks in Nepal that will challenge even the most seasoned trekker. But there are also much easier treks that are suitable for anyone in reasonable shape, including families and older people. With the help of an experienced guide, you’ll be surprised about what you can achieve and yes, it could change your life! So what are you waiting for? Get fit to trek Nepal!

For Ultimate Flexibility, Book a Private Trek With Nepalorama

Trekking with a group is great if you want to meet new people, but it’s also restrictive. When you trek with your own guide, you have much more flexibility to trek ‘your way’. Choose your walking pace, when to take a break and change your itinerary ‘on the go’. We think this is the best way to have a truly authentic experience in Nepal.

Get fit to trek Nepal - and trek with a private guide for ultimate flexibility
With your own guide on a private trek, you can take a break when you want to
We can tailor your itinerary to suit you, so really – anything is possible! Our guides are all wonderful characters who will help and reassure you every step of the way!

“Our Nepalorama guide and porter are truly heroes!! They are very friendly and helpful and make you feel very safe when you go trekking with this team. They took care of us perfectly. If they thought we looked too tired, they carried our things for us and helped as much as they could.”

A Great Beginner Trek – Ghorepani Poon Hill

The Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is a short, low altitude (3,210m/10,532ft) trek that can be completed in as little as three days or as many as you want! It’s accessible to anyone with a reasonable level of fitness. Poon Hill is one of the most popular vantage points in the Himalaya. Hike up for sunrise and enjoy spectacular views of the seventh highest mountain Dhaulagiri (8,167m/26,795ft) and the Annapurna massif. We guarantee it will take your breath away!

Morning panoramic view of Mount Dhaulagiri from Poon Hill.

If you follow the standard itinerary, you can complete this trek in between four and six days, walking for an average of four to five hours per day. Much of this trek is gradual, with some difficult but reasonably short climbs. So we’ve rated the ‘level of difficultyeasier‘.

Just Get Started!

Depending on your current level of fitness, it may be tough to get started. That’s why we think it’s a great idea for you to create your own walking plan. But whether you simply want to improve your fitness or get trekking fit, taking the time to walk regularly will do wonders for your health.

You can make it fun too! Do it with friends. Mix it up daily. Walk faster and slower, up and down hill. Train in intervals, and remember to drink plenty of water and take rest when you need it. Get a pedometer and clock your steps for that extra motivation boost! It may be hard to start, but you’ll see it will get much easier as your fitness improves. The main thing is that you’re walking regularly and feeling a lot better for it!

If you haven’t already, you’ll be wanting to book your trek to Ghorepani Poon Hill or one of our other popular destinations!


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Good luck! We hope to see you in Nepal soon!