Create Your Own Walking Plan

Create Your Own Walking Plan
Create a Walking Plan; Girl Walking on Railway Line

Updated 24 August 2018.

If you’re determined to get trekking fit this year, why not create a walking plan or find one to follow? Having a plan and committing to it always helps me to achieve my goals! It can work for you too!

It’s true that anyone with a moderate level of fitness can trek in Nepal. There are many lower altitude and less strenuous treks, like the Ghorepani Poon Hill trek. So, if trekking Nepal is something you’ve always dreamed of, it’s time to take action!

Create a walking plan to walk in the lowlands of the Annapurna region

You can easily create your own plan to walk regularly, building up the distance and level of difficulty over time. There are no doctors or health experts at Nepalorama, just enthusiastic trekkers! So, always consult your doctor if you have any concerns about building up your fitness, before you start any type of training plan. But if you’re already in reasonable shape and you want to get trekking fit – create a walking plan and stick to it! These are a few ideas about how you might create your own plan.

Create a walking plan to walk in the Everest region

Create a Walking Plan to Get Trekking Fit!

  1. Start with your planned trek in mind, or pick a date. Then work backwards to determine how many weeks you can spend building up your fitness.
  2. Decide what level of fitness you’re aiming for. For example, if you’re trekking to Ghorepani Poon Hill, you need to be able to walk an average of four to five hours per day for between four and six days, including some good climbs.
  3. Decide on your starting point. Think about how long you can comfortably walk for already. What type of walking are you doing? Picking your kids up from school on the flat , or perhaps day hiking with a backpack? This is your starting point.
  4. Determine the gap that you want to close. Between your starting point and the level of fitness you’re aiming for. For example, you might be able to comfortably walk for 60 minutes including some hills. You want to build this up to five hours with steeper hills.
  5. Think about how many times per week you can walk, naturally the more the better! We think that once you get started, you’ll quickly notice an improvement and will enjoy walking more and more! If you haven’t booked your trek in Nepal, you’ll sure want to soon!
  6. Once you know how many days per week you plan to walk, and how many weeks you have to reach your goal. You can create a walking plan. Allocate different walking tasks, for example ’90 minute walk with five kilo day pack, up and down hill’.

If you prefer, you can easily find an existing walking plan on the internet. There are some good examples at British Heart Foundation and The Walking Site.

Find a walking buddy or a local walking group to help keep you motivated. Don’t forget to mix it up, so you don’t lose interest!

Create a walking plan to walk in the Langtang Valley

Some Training is Better Than None!

Also keep in mind that some training is better than none! I didn’t feel ready for my first trek in Nepal and I certainly hadn’t walked five hours a day for five consecutive days! But the stunning views, incredible nature, sense of determination and great support from my guide and fellow trekkers helped me to succeed! So, do what you can and enjoy improving your health in the process!

Good luck with your plan! We look forward to you joining us in Nepal soon!