Interview with Bibek – Trusted Nepal Trekking Guide!

Interview with Bibek – Trusted Nepal Trekking Guide!
Trusted Nepal Trekking Guide Bibek in the Everest Region

The second interview in our series of Nepal Trekking Guide Interviews is with our friendly and trusted Nepal trekking guide – Bibek! I met Bibek in Kathmandu a few months ago. We had dal bhat together with Krishna. I liked him immediately! He was so polite and gentle, very respectful of others and certainly knew how to keep a great conversation going! I know what to look for in a guide and it’s safe to say Bibek ticks all the boxes – and some! Meet Bibek..!

Bibek with Clients in Everest
Bibek with some of his happy clients!

How did you become a professional trekking guide in Nepal?

“One of my uncles from my village was a trekking guide and one day he took me along as a porter on the Annapurna Circuit trek. I never looked back! Being a porter for another three years gave me chance to build my experience in the trekking industry. I really enjoyed it and decided to become a guide so that I could meet more people from all over the world and be able to show and tell them all about Nepal. Our beautiful nature, our culture and customs, our mountain views and much more!”

What do you like most about being a trekking guide?

“I just love being a trekking guide in Nepal! First of all everyone knows that Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! It’s naturally very beautiful but economically a very poor country.

I feel so proud to be a trekking guide in my country because I love to share all the riches we have with clients from around the world. There are so many different natural landscapes, cultures and lifestyles in Nepal.

I also find it really interesting learning about other countries and cultures from my clients as we trek!”

Trusted Nepal Trekking Guide Bibek Crossing a River in Upper Mustang
Wow – river crossing in Upper Mustang!

What’s your favourite trek in Nepal and why?

“I like to trek all around Nepal, every trekking area has a different natural beauty, different culture and a different way of living. But I would love to say the Everest region is one of my favorite trekking regions in the Himalaya because it has the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest. As well as a lot more beautiful mountains above 7,000m and 8,000m (23,000-26,000ft). It has a beautiful landscape, lakes, and a very beautiful authentic Sherpa culture with interesting dialects!”

Mount Everest from Kala Patthar, Everest Region

A man after my own heart, Everest is my favourite region too. You have to truly see it to believe it!

If you could be a trekking guide anywhere else in the world, where would you guide and why?

I wondered if Bibek and Krishna had swapped interview notes at this point, as Bibek’s answer was almost identical to Krishna’s! But the fact is, great Nepal trekking guides are fiercely proud of their country and their role as ambassadors.

“Of course I would like to be a trekking guide in Nepal! We have lots of naturally beautiful things!

I will never be tired of sharing our high mountains, beautiful lakes and interesting culture with people from around the world. We have lots of different ethnic groups in Nepal with their own cultures and dialects. I love trekking in different places to see these differences. So first of all, I would like to be a trekking guide in Nepal.”

Trusted Nepal Trekking Guide Bibek in the Everest Region
We LOVE this photo of Bibek in the Everest region!

Looks like Bibek’s dream already came true! I asked him which country he’d like to visit…Our trusted Nepal trekking guide would like to visit Switzerland!

“I would like to visit Switzerland most because it is also naturally a very beautiful country as well as a very peaceful country.”

What advice would you give to clients preparing to trek in Nepal?

“I would love to give advice to clients who are coming to Nepal! Here it is…

  1. Prepare mentally and physically for the trek.
  2. Choose the best equipment. Make sure your boots and socks are a good size. Pack good, light food to keep you going between teahouse stops.
  3. Use walking poles, if possible the same poles you have trained with, so that you are comfortable with them.
  4. Travel light! Only bring what you need and keep your backpack light. It will be easier for you and for your porters.
  5. Have a good sleeping bag and don’t forget sun cream, water bottle and water purification tablets.”

This is great advice! Take a look at our packing list for more information.

How do you spend your time when it’s not trekking season? What do you do?

“When I’m not trekking, I go back to my home town to visit my parents, relatives and friends and help with the farm. Sometimes I stay in Kathmandu and take courses to build my knowledge. I do first-aid training, language and computer courses. This is how I spend my time in off-season.”

Trusted Nepal Trekking Guide Bibek with Well Prepared Clients
Ready to go!

If you could guide any person in the world to trek Nepal, who would you like to guide and why?

“I would like to guide the respected ex-president Barack Obama in Nepal”.

Let’s see if we can hook Barack and Bibek up for a trek…

Trusted Nepal trekking guide Bibek with Barack Obama
Barack and Bibek in the Everest region


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That’s why our founder Krishna carefully selects all our guides himself based on the qualities he knows are important. Krishna and Bibek met when they trekked together in the Everest region back in 2014. They’ve been trusting friends ever since.

Krishna has known all our guides for many years. He’s trekked with each and every one, so he knows exactly how they operate. For us, service is everything. Both before and during your trek. It’s really important that your guide provides great service, as well as being experienced, knowledgeable and fun!

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