Can I trust my trekking guide?

Can I trust my trekking guide?

Trekking Nepal is a big deal! You put your complete trust in a stranger to guide you in the mighty Himalaya. Not a decision to be taken lightly. If you trek with a guide that isn’t very good, or that you don’t get along with, it could ruin your trip. That’s why it’s critical for you to trek with a trustworthy Nepal trekking guide.

We’ve been there and we understand how important it is to have the very best possible trekking guide. Your guide needs to speak good English, be very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. But if he’s no fun to be around, your trip won’t be the same!

That’s why Krishna carefully selects all our guides himself.

“I choose the very best guides who are just like me! They all have lots of experience trekking all over Nepal. They are very professional, but they are also very kind, friendly people.” Krishna – Managing Director, Nepalorama Trekking

We know our clients love Krishna, they’ve said so in many client reviews on our website and on Tripadvisor! So, thanks to him, we know what makes an excellent trekking guide, and we make sure all our guides tick these boxes!

Krishna has known all our guides for many years. In fact one of our guides Ramesh is Krishna’s brother! Krishna has trekked with each and every one of our guides, so he knows exactly how they operate. For us, service is everything. Both before and during your trek. It’s really important that your guide provides great service, as well as being experienced, knowledgeable and fun!

How do we Choose a Guide for Your Trek?

We consider the average age of the people trekking. All our guides are wonderful, but sometimes a younger group may prefer to trek with a younger guide. Likewise an older group may prefer an older guide!

It’s important to make sure your guide knows your trekking route intimately. Some guides have spent more time guiding treks in particular regions than others. So, we select a guide who knows your trek and the business owners along the trail exceptionally well!

Our Commitment to You

We guarantee that with us, you’ll trek with a trustworthy Nepal trekking guide and be in the safest hands. Your guide will do everything possible to make sure you have an amazing, authentic experience in Nepal.

Meet our Nepalorama Guides!

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