Do I need trekking permits to trek in Nepal?

Do I need trekking permits to trek in Nepal?

Yes – Leave it to us!

Yes, you need trekking permits for Nepal. Each region has a different requirement, but don’t worry, we’ll organise your trekking permits for you. We usually obtain your permits before you arrive. However, if you’re trekking in the Manaslu or Upper Mustang* regions, we need your original passport to obtain your permit. We’ll build time into your itinerary to arrange your permit when you arrive in Nepal, before your trek starts.

*Please note that Upper Mustang is a highly regulated area and trekking permits for this region cost $500 (Restricted Area Permit) +$30 (ACAP) per person for a maximum stay of 10 days. Therefore, treks in this region are significantly more expensive.

Trekking Permits for Nepal

When you book with us, we’ll let you know exactly what information we need and the things you need to prepare for your trip to Nepal.

All trekking permits for Nepal are included in our quotes, so you don’t need to pay extra. Just provide the information we ask for once your booking is confirmed.

Police Check Points

Each trekking trail includes at least one check point, where local police or military will check your trekking permit to make sure it’s valid. Some check points also conduct thorough bag searches.

Clear Digital Copies

We usually need a scanned copy of the passport details page and a scanned copy of a passport photo (or similar), for each trekker.

It really helps us if you send through high resolution, clear scanned images.