Is it safe to go trekking after the Nepal earthquake in April 2015?

Is it safe to go trekking after the Nepal earthquake in April 2015?

Disaster Struck Nepal in April 2015

You may have some concerns about doing a trek in Nepal after the earthquake in 2015. You’d be right, because Nepal is in a major earthquake zone. In April 2015, a huge earthquake struck and nearly 9,000 people were killed. Our Co-Founder Krishna lost his home as well as hundreds of thousands of Nepalis. Krishna felt many large aftershocks. In fact, his family slept in a field under canvas for many months after, for fear of another large earthquake. Needless to say, it was unsafe to trek in many areas of Nepal for at least one year after.

The avalanche site in Langtang - Trekking after the Nepal Earthquake
The avalanche site in Langtang

Some of the popular trekking trails including the Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Base Camp weren’t affected by the earthquake. Those mainly affected were in the Everest and Manaslu regions, and most significantly in the Langtang region of Nepal. Langtang village was completely destroyed by a massive landslide. 243 people lost their lives including 41 foreign trekkers.


Today, you’ll find everything is back to normal in Nepal. Trekking after the Nepal earthquake is much the same as before. Although you’ll still see ruins and debris left over from the earthquake and some trails have been diverted.

All the trekking trails are open and thriving. Langtang village has been completely rebuilt further along the trail. We trekked in the Langtang Valley in January 2018. You can read our blog to find out what it’s like after the earthquake.

Nepal is in a Major Earthquake Zone

It’s important for you to understand that Nepal is in a major earthquake zone. The country remains at risk from earthquakes. Your safety is our top priority and our guide will instruct you in the event of an earthquake.