15 Reasons to Trek in Nepal

15 Reasons to Trek in Nepal
15 reasons to trek in Nepal including green terraced fields for farming crops

If you’re looking for some great reasons to trek in Nepal – read on! Last time I trekked in the Everest region, I was lucky enough to capture some great shots. But having spent so much time in Nepal, I was interested to see this beautiful country through fresh eyes! I met Bernd Scheerer from Germany and his lovely wife Daniela several times along the trail. One of the many great things about trekking Nepal is that you meet like-minded people from all over the world! Spotting Bernd’s very nice camera, I asked how he’d feel about sharing some photos with Nepalorama. This is the result…

15 Reasons to Trek in Nepal!

These are all sights that we’ve come to know and love, as you will when you trek in Nepal!

Tibetan prayer flags

15 reasons to trek in Nepal - Tibetan prayer flags with Everest in the background

The spectacular Himalayan giants will blow your mind! But add to this incredible Everest backdrop some Tibetan prayer flags and you’ve got yourself a photo! A sure sign that you’re in Nepal, you’ll fall in love with the sight of these colourful flags blowing in the wind!

Tibetan prayer wheels

Copper prayer wheels spinning

Be sure to spin any Tibetan prayer wheels you pass (always keeping them on your right). Even if praying isn’t your thing, it’s fun to get involved! Spinning a prayer wheel is said to be the equivalent of reciting the mantra (prayer) inscribed on the wheel.

Mountain reflections

15 reasons to trek in Nepal - Mountains reflected in a lake

Wherever you trek in Nepal, you’re likely to see stunning aqua blue glacial rivers and lakes. Everest is no exception – around Gokyo alone there are six turquoise lakes, each with incredible mountain views.

Colourful local markets

15 reasons to trek in Nepal - Shopping at the local colourful market

Visit colourful local markets – even in the mountains. You’ll be surprised what you can find! Costs for supplies increase the higher you trek, because they need to be carried by porter, yak or mule. You might pay 20 NPR for a packet of biscuits in Kathmandu and find the same packet for more than 200 NPR in the mountains!

Green terraced farms

15 reasons to trek in Nepal - Green terraced fields for farming crops

Eighty percent of Nepali people live in rural areas. It’ll come as no surprise to you that Nepal is incredibly mountainous! So, how do you make the best use of the space to grow crops? You terrace the land! Terraced fields are a common sight in Nepal and give the Himalayan lowlands a distinct beauty of their own.

Working yaks in the high mountains

15 reasons to trek in Nepal - Yaks in the high mountains

Yaks are becoming a much more common sight in the Himalaya, yet to see them carrying supplies above 5,000m/16,000ft is a truly awesome sight! Watch out for yaks on the trails and always make sure you stay on the mountain side to avoid being pushed off the edge!

Tibetan Buddhist monks

Buddhist monks taking a walk

When you trek it’s likely you’ll see at least one Tibetan Buddhist monastery as well as monks going about their business on the trails. The pinnacle of our Everest Panorama View Trek is the stunning monastery in Tengboche – Dawa Choling Gompa. From here enjoy spectacular views of the highest mountain in the world – Everest (8,848m/29029ft) and Lhotse (8,516m/27,940ft).

Spectacular sunrises and sunsets

15 reasons to trek in Nepal - Sunrising over Everest from Kala Patthar

Most of our treks involve at least one sunrise hike – this is why!

Porters, and the humble feeling they conjure up

Porter carrying a very large load

When you trek in Nepal you’ll see countless yaks and mules carrying supplies along the trails. But still the most popular way to transport supplies is by porter. People carry everything from food supplies to large pieces of furniture, building materials and even very heavy kitchen appliances. We talked to a hotel owner in Namche Bazaar who arranged for a 65kg fridge to be carried up from Lukla by one porter. Being paid by the kilo, porters carry as much as they can manage.

We passed an old man on the trail taking a rest from carrying his heavy load. With a large toothless grin, he offered his arm muscles for us to feel his strength. Some of these experiences will make you feel humble indeed.

Enormous glaciers

15 reasons to trek in Nepal - Glacier close up

Get up close and personal with enormous glaciers and notice the stunning aqua colour of the ice. There are several treks in Everest that cross the glaciers themselves. The formations in the ice are just magical!

Gray langur monkeys (and all the other incredible nature in Nepal)

15 reasons to trek in Nepal - Grey Langur monkey

When I trekked in the Langtang Valley, I was showered with leaves. I looked up to see several gray langur monkeys playing in the trees! The nature in Nepal is as surprising as the high mountains themselves. Spot exotic monkeys, birds, and plants and flowers that look like they come from another planet!

Solar cookers (and the resourcefulness of Nepali people)

15 reasons to trek in Nepal - Boiling water in the sun

Boiling water is a commodity in the Himalaya and fuel for fire is limited. Many teahouses collect yak dung and dry it in the sun to burn as fuel for cooking and heating. Others use solar cookers to boil water like this one! When you trek, you’ll see that Nepali people are very resourceful.

Snow covered peaks (the highest in the world!)

15 reasons to trek in Nepal - Snow covered mountain peak

We recommend that you take some binoculars with you and look at the mountains up close! Their beauty will take your breath away!

Ploughing fields with buffalo

Ploughing the fields with buffalo

Anna from Team Nepalorama ploughing a field with a buffalo

Each time I travel to Nepal I see more tractors and farming machinery in the Kathmandu Valley. But in the mountains there’s still only one way to plough your fields – with trusted buffalo! Krishna and his family keep buffalo to provide milk and to work on their farm.

I actually tried ploughing a rice field with a buffalo – not in Nepal, but in Thailand as part of a boot camp a few years ago. It’s much harder than it looks! – Anna, Team Nepalorama

Tibetan Buddhist stupas

15 reasons to trek in Nepal - Stupa with Ama Dablam in the background

You’ll have lots of opportunities to take photos of Buddhist stupas in the mountains. This is one of the most famous – with the Ama Dablam, its namesake standing tall in the background.

If Nepal isn’t on your list, ask yourself why?

Today we’ve given you 15 reasons to trek in Nepal, based on one amateur photographer’s single trek in the Everest region. But of course there are many more reasons to put Nepal on your list right now!

You can enjoy many of these sights on a short, low altitude trek like Ghorepani Poon Hill. Trekking Nepal is still relatively low cost compared with other adventure holidays. Most of the people who travel to Nepal fall in love with this beautiful country and return time and time again.

From the highest mountains in the world, to the most simple and beautiful way of life – Nepal is an experience you don’t want to miss!

Get in touch with us for a customised quote to trek with one of our amazing guides!

A huge thank you to Bernd Scheerer for sharing these beautiful photos with us and giving us 15 reasons to trek in Nepal!

Want Another 10 Reasons..?

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