What should I wear to trek in Nepal?

What should I wear to trek in Nepal?

If you’re not sure what to wear for trekking Nepal, let us make it simple for you! You’ll be dusty, sweaty and muddy in no time and will forget what you look like. So dress for comfort not vanity!

We recommend that you wear whatever clothing is really comfortable. If you’re not sure, do a test run as you’re working on getting trekking fit for Nepal!

What to Wear for Trekking Nepal

Bring several layers of clothing, including very warm layers. If they’re breathable, even better. You’ll be cold, warm, and perspiring all at the same time!

We think a down jacket is a must. They’re much lighter to carry than traditional coats, yet keep you really warm. You’ll need hiking trousers/pants, and tops that you can layer depending on the temperature. We love merino or polypropylene thermal underwear that can be worn under your trekking clothes to keep you extra warm.

Comfortable hiking boots are essential and it’s best for you to break them in before you come to Nepal. If not, bring some blister treatment!

What to Wear for Trekking Nepal - Anna
It’s not a fashion parade!
Anna from Team Nepalorama wearing layers, a light down jacket, her favorite merino thermals, comfortable hiking shorts and her well worn boots!

You might think you need several sets of hiking clothes for your trek. Once upon a time, I made this mistake when I didn’t really know what to wear for trekking Nepal! The reality is, you’ll likely wear the same clothes for most of your trek, with the exception of your underwear. So be careful not to over-pack. You need a maximum of two changes of clothes and just one for shorter treks (4-8 days).

When I trek for a week, I don’t change my outer clothes (apart from in the evenings!). It’s a bit nasty putting them back on each morning, but after five minutes I’m back in the rhythm and my clothes are comfortably rocking the Himalaya with me!

See our packing list for more information about what you need to take with you.