Can I trek Nepal without a guide?

Can I trek Nepal without a guide?

It used to be possible to trek Nepal without a guide. But in March 2023, the Nepal Tourism Board revised the provision for trekking in Nepal.

Now all trekkers are required to hire a licensed trekking guide through an authorised trekking agency registered with the Government of Nepal. Click here to see our credentials.

Whilst this news is frustrating for the many competent trekkers who return to Nepal to trek in the Himalaya, it might not be bad news for you! At Nepalorama, we’ve always recommended you trek with a guide – at least for your first trek in Nepal. Here’s why…

The Benefits of Trekking With a Guide

  • When you walk out of Kathmandu airport, you’ll discover a sea of people waiting to offer you their services. It can be quite daunting! But once you’ve spotted our sign with your name on, you can relax knowing you’re in safe hands. Our team will take care of everything, leaving you to enjoy the crazy sights as you drive through Kathmandu to your hotel!
  • We’ll organise all the required trekking permits and TIMS cards for you – these are included in your trip cost.
  • Your accommodation on the trek is guaranteed. This is really important in high season, as the demand is higher than the availability. When you trek with us, we’ll make reservations in advance to make sure you have a bed.
  • Your guide will take your food orders and settle the bill (a standard option from the menu at breakfast, lunch, and dinner is included in your trip cost; then you can order extra if you want). It’s much easier than trying to do these things yourself. Instead, you can sit back and relax after a tough day of walking.
  • Your guide will manage your porters, so you have full confidence that your backpack will turn up when you do.
  • Most importantly, when you trek in Nepal you’re on holiday! It’s a challenging adventure, as opposed to lying on the beach… But you still want to feel looked after and not have to sweat the small stuff. When you trek with a guide you can focus on the trekking itself and the stunning nature in the Himalaya, which for most invokes a sense of deep self-reflection.

The chances are you’ll be glad you didn’t trek Nepal without a guide, especially when you experience our level of service…

Trekking Nepal with Nepalorama

When you trek with us, you trek on your terms, with your own private guide. Whilst we agree your itinerary before you go to Nepal, you still have a lot of flexibility once you’re there. For example, if you want an extra rest break, just ask your guide! If you want to start a bit later one morning, just ask your guide! If you want to walk further one day, just ask your guide! You get the idea!

We may not be able to fulfill every request, but we’ll explain why and of course our guides will do everything possible to make sure your trek feels just right for you!

Visit the Nepal Tourism Board website for more information about why it’s no longer possible to trek Nepal without a guide.