What is your payment process?

Our payment process is simple. All prices stated on our website are in USD.

Deposit to Confirm Your Booking

You need to pay a deposit of $100 per person via international bank transfer to confirm your booking. Please note that you’re responsible for all bank charges. Unfortunately we’re unable to accept online payments at this time.

When you confirm that you’d like to go ahead with your booking, we’ll send you our company bank account details and payment information. Once we receive your deposit, we’ll send you a booking confirmation along with lots of useful information for your trek in Nepal.

Once You've Followed our Payment Process, We'll Send you Information for Your Trek

Paying the Balance

You pay the balance on arrival in Kathmandu. We recommend you pay using local currency (you can withdraw cash from an ATM for NPR 500 ~$5 per transaction). Or with major currency, (if not USD, we’ll use the current exchange rates on xe.com).

You can also choose to pay using Visa or MasterCard, however you’ll be charged a 5% fee to cover local taxes, bank charges and transaction fees.