Nepal Treks for Couples: Share the Adventure of a Lifetime with your Partner!

Nepal Treks for Couples: Share the Adventure of a Lifetime with your Partner!
Nepal treks for couples

We organise private Nepal treks for couples because we love creating extraordinary and lasting memories! Last time I trekked Nepal it was incredible like always, but also really different to previous trips. Why? Because for the first time I shared the experience with my husband!

Trekking together in the Everest region

Whether you trek Nepal solo, with a group (of friends or strangers), or with your partner, you’re guaranteed an experience you’ll never forget. But to share it with the person closest to you and be able to reminisce for years to come is seriously amazing!

Private Nepal Treks for Couples

At Nepalorama we organise private Nepal treks for couples that won’t break the bank. When you trek with your own guide and porter team you have complete flexibility. You can take breaks when you want, stop to take photos you’ll love to look at for the rest of your life and, if you want to explore off the beaten path – you can!

Nepal treks for couples to achieve amazing things together!

Trekking Nepal is such a unique experience in many ways. When you do a private trek together, you’re focused only on taking care of each other and sharing every special moment. The sense of achievement you’ll both feel every single day is the stuff memories are made of!

“Happiness (is) only real when shared.” (from ‘Into the Wild‘ by Jon Krakauer)

When you trek Nepal it feels like you’re in another world or another time, especially if you’ve never done any multi-day trekking. It takes a day or two to learn the ropes but then you find your groove. A unique rhythm completely different from your every day life and a great opportunity… For a few days you’re working together with a blank canvas. You have time and space for reflections, new conversations, to make plans or, simply to have a lot of fun together!

Customised Nepal treks for couples

Guides With Just the Right Level of Involvement…

Aside from being wonderful in general, our guides know exactly how to play it when guiding Nepal treks for couples. Trekking Nepal as a couple is such a special experience, our guides want to make sure they don’t get in the way. Instead they’ll quickly get to know you and judge the right level of involvement. Some couples prefer to walk alone a lot of the time and share moments intimately. Whilst others like to walk and talk with their guide and porter. Rest assured that with us, our people won’t get in the way and will do everything possible to make your experience perfect for you!

Guiding Nepal treks for couples: getting it right!

Deepen Your Relationship

It’s so easy to travel these days, the world really is your oyster. But few adventures will touch you like Nepal. The intensity of trekking in the Himalaya cannot be understood, that is until you’ve done it.

Most find it challenging in ways they never expected. Trekking Nepal is highly likely to push the boundaries of your comfort zone in some way, shape or form. When that internal battle kicks off and you look to your partner for encouragement and support, you’ve got the perfect recipe to deepen your relationship.

Couple trekking in the Annapurna region

Fully Customised Travel Plan

When you choose to trek with Nepalorama, as well as being guaranteed a private trek, we’ll fully customise it too! We’ll explain all the options so you can decide on the perfect itinerary that fits your travel dates and preferences. We can organise budget options from as little as USD $685 per person for a 10-day trip. Or we can suggest upgrades to make your trip extra special – like a return to a luxury hotel after your trek or a couples’ massage to soothe those aching muscles! Get in touch and tell us your requirements. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours!