Is Budget Trekking in Nepal for you?

Budget trekking in Nepal is a great option for most. If you embrace the adventure including the basic accommodation and not being able to shower every day – you’ll feel liberated! It’s possible to do an amazing trek for much less than many other travel destinations. Our quotes include all the basics – transport, accommodation, meals, guide, porters, and permits are covered. We do recommend that you take a bit of extra cash with you, but it’s easy to manage your budget if you need to.

If you’re seeking a bit more comfort or you’re short on time, you have options. You can fly instead of taking the bus, or upgrade to a private jeep when the only way is by road. During your trek, enjoy two courses at lunch and dinner instead of one. Treat yourself by staying in upgraded hotel accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Deluxe local and tourist bus in Nepal

Are you a Budget or Mid-Range Traveller?

If we understand your budget and travel preference, we can propose a customised travel plan and quote that suits you. Are you seeking budget trekking in Nepal or would you prefer a mid-range level of comfort where possible? If you’re not sure, read through this page before making your decision.

If You’re a Budget Traveller…

You’re happy to stay in basic city accommodation; eat simple, one-course meals during your trek; and travel by tourist bus to keep the cost of your trip as low as possible. Budget trekking in Nepal is a great option for students and backpackers!

If You’re a Mid-Range Traveller

You prefer to stay in mid-range hotels in Kathmandu and/or Pokhara; enjoy two courses at lunch and dinner during the trek; and fly instead of taking ground transport when possible.

Regardless of whether you’re a budget or mid-range traveller, we’ll let you know your options. Having this information upfront just helps us to provide an itinerary and quote that more closely meets your expectations.

But… Don’t Expect Luxury Accommodation During Your Trek!

The standard of accommodation on most trekking trails is very basic. Some companies offer a ‘luxury trek’ option. But in reality, there’s no such thing as a luxury teahouse by occidental standards. In Kathmandu and Pokhara, you’ll enjoy a higher level of comfort – a comfortable 3* hotel. If you’d like to upgrade, just let us know! We’re happy to make recommendations and we can usually negotiate an agency rate to keep costs down.

When you trek in Nepal, there are also various transport options available. Including different standards of bus travel, private transport, and of course the option to fly.

When we send your customised itinerary and quote, we’ll let you know the different options according to your travel preference – either to save money or upgrade your trip. To send you the most accurate advice, it helps us to understand whether you’re seeking budget trekking in Nepal, or you have more flexibility with your budget.